Chateau Botevo Winery in the Thracian Valley The winery has been created by three enthusiasts in the Fall of 2013. Their dream was to create unique and high-quality Bulgarian wine, combining millennial traditions with the uniqueness of the Thracian lowland, to meet the highest world standards.
The winery is located in Baltalak area, which is situated around Botevo village, near the river Tundja, Yambol region. It is situated at the foot of St.Ilia hills, in the wine-growing region called the Thracian lowland in southern Bulgaria.
The territory of the region is alongside Tundja River. The terrain is predominantly flat and hill-averaged, with an altitude of 100-150 m. The prevailing terrain in the area is flat and partially hilly territories are found, as is the example of St. Ilia.
Climatic conditions in the area are determined by its geographical location. Several climatic influences are intertwined in the region. The one with the strongest influence is that of the transient continental climate typical of the Upper Thracian Lowland. To a weaker extent, the climatic influence of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean are felt too.
Agro-climatic conditions in combination with cinnamon-forest soils on the slopes of Saint Ilia heights, are extremely suitable for the cultivation of vineyards.

Chateau Botevo Winery


Some of the oldest people who inhabited the territory of modern Bulgaria are the Thracians.
Around the second millennium BC Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Euboea, Aetolia, Argos, large parts of Arcadia and Ahea, belonged to the Thracian civilization.
Historical records and archaeological finds prove that one of the first places in the world where vines for wine production were grown, is the territory of Bulgaria. Homer tells of ships loaded with wine departing from the Thracian city of Nizo, aimed for the Greek soldiers fighting in the siege of Troy. His work “Iliad” talks about the dense and sweet wine from the Thracian town of Ismarus, where coins with images of grapes and vines were minted. The Greek historian Xenophon described a feast of the Thracian King Seuthes, where wine was ritually served in an animal horn.
Thousands of years before the drink of the Gods found its home in southwestern Europe, the ancient authors described the qualities of the Thracian elixir. Many of them believed that the cult of God Dionysus originates from the lands of ancient Thrace to the Hellenistic world.

Chateau Botevo Winery

The Oxford encyclopedia for the origins of wine refers to the region of Thrace as the homeland of winemaking.
Since then, we have had at our disposal the priceless and unique Bulgarian varieties of grapes such as Gamza, Dimiat, Mavrud, Pamid (the oldest Bulgarian variety), Cherven Misket and Shiroka Melnishka.
For the very first time in history, a decree was drafted in Bulgaria, to support viticulture in Lower Mizia, (northern Bulgarian region today) in the 2th century BC during the time of Emperor Antony Pius.
Wine also has its place in the ordinances of the Orthodox Church. The adoption of Christianity in the 9th century gives further impetus to winemaking, giving new meaning to wine consumption.
Wine is love, and love is wine.


At Chateau Botevo Winery, love is at the heart of it all.
We have selected with loving care what varieties of wine vineyards to grow. The vineyards of Chateau Botevo have rich variety structure. We grow Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Traminer, Muscat, Grenás, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Barbera.
The size of the vineyards cultivated from the cellar is nearly 1000 decares. They are distinguished by a specific terroir. The planting material of the winery is personally selected by leading European nurseries.
We take care of the vineyards with love. We love to pick their fruits. Carefully, at the right time so the grapes can fully display its qualities within the wine produced.

Chateau Botevo Winery

The chateau has a closed production cycle.
Chateau Botevo Winery meets the highest professional standards. Its equipment for processing, stabilization and bottling includes state-of-the-art solutions. The cellar processes its own grapes itself.
Containers capacity foreseen is for processing 750 tons of grapes. It is done by applying the gravitational method only. The cellar has modern equipment for processing and stabilizing the wine. There is a possibility of maintaining a constant controlled temperature. The conditions in the cellar provide quality development of young wines in barrels. The cellar has over 600 new barrels of French and American oak with different degrees of firing. When the wine is ready, it is prepared to go on the market by placing it on a modern bottling line, allowing bottles to be sealed by both cork plugs and screw caps.
With love and care for nature, a purification plant is built and the cleaning process is controlled by specialists at all times. The winery has its own laboratory, where regular samples are made. The winery continuously invests in the preparation and the qualifications of its specialists.
Wine, besides being a drink, is also part of the culture and the development of many people. Wine finds its place not only in the culinary habits of different countries, but also in medicine, cosmetics, religion, literature and art. Wine is present in the Bible, in Greek and Roman mythology, in Thracian culture.
We create our wine with love and by following the highest professional standards.
Chateau Botevo winery produces quality wine for different tastes through a mix of coupage and varietal wines. It currently offers four series – Staven, Filigran and Collection. Chateau Botevo tends to emphasize more and more on varietal wines.

Wines produced at Chateau Botevo have a protected geographical label “Thracian lowland”.
We are proud that the wine created by Chateau Botevo already has its connoisseurs and admirers. The winery, though a young one, has received a number of prestigious awards. The latest ones are from the wine and creativity festival “Wine and Creativity 2019 – Fortress “Tuida”. Pinot Noir & Merlot from the Staven series, vintage 2015 and Pinot Gris & Sauvignon blanc Staven series, produce of 2016, have been awarded as the best red and white wines.
In 2019 the winery was awarded for agricultural investment of the year by the Bulgarian newspaper Bulgarian Farmer.
In Chateau Botevo Winery, we believe that properly made wine from carefully selected grapes creates wine with individual and unique style.
The Winery is a member of Friends of the Countryside and the only Bulgarian representative on the Welcoming Estates Website.

Take a sip of wine from Thrace and get to know happiness with Chateau Botevo Winery | Thracian lowland!