Chateau Botevo had participated at the Green week – Berlin 2018

In the beginning of 2018, the International fair exhibition for agriculture, food and gardening called „Green week“ had taken place in Berlin. For the first time, Bulgaria was a partner of this event and had its own exhibition hall under the motto „The fragrance of the sun“.This is the 83rd edition of the fair. From the Bulgarian part, there will be 62 companies and 13 agricultural producers from different branches. There was a cultural programme, a place for crafts, a hunting stall and an informational bureau in the Bulgarian pavilion during the whole exhibition. The pavilion was decorated with blossoming roses and the gusts were met by their fragrance. Traditionally, among the offered products on the stalls there were: wines, Bulgarian rakia, beers, juices, ground baked sesame-seeds, biological bee honey – lime, acacia, lavender, etc., cosmetic products on the ground of Bulgarian rose and lavender; severely – dried meat products and boiled – smoked meat products, ketchup /lutenitsa/, jams; bio vegetables and fruit; milk products; fish and fish products.

Chateau Botevo also participated at the exhibition whose products were highly estimated by foreign and Bulgarian wine lovers.

The expectations are the Bulgarian participation on that prestige exhibition to help popularization of the Bulgarian food and drinks, and to make our country popular as an attractive place for good cuisine, tourism and recreation.